What are toxins?

Now is the best time to look at toxins and detoxification.

What are toxins?

With degrees in chemistry and nutrition, I have learned much on the technical side; still, I invite you to go to the side of common sense with me on this topic.

Toxins are all the particles that the body intakes that won't benefit it in any way. Many toxins come in the form of food (edible and not edible) and leave "impressions" in the body helping to create the ideal environment for illness. Sometimes toxins are created in the body as a consequence of an acidic environment built on poor nutrition and a negative state of mind

For me, getting rid of toxins has always been a simple equation.

You have probably observed a plant that is fainting because it needs water.... the same happens in the body with toxins when it is lacking nutrients.

Nutrients don't always come in the form of edible foods. There are other types of not edible "food" for the body which helps in the production of a holistic healthy balance. Those types of food create impressions in the body: such as positive emotions, positive thoughts, affection, etc. To be relaxed and happy is as important as absorbing good food.

Toxins and detoxification. Be aware.

Buzzing on health sites, people are pointing to toxins in the food as a way to blame something external for their illness. But toxins have always existed in the body in one way or another; specifically when self-created by being in a negative state such as being unhappy, be worried, being angry, frustrated, etc., etc.
Common sense is the best way to choose a detox method.

The problem with toxins is not to be aware of the need to get rid of them. If you lack exercise, it doesn't really matter how many detox products you use. The only way to do a deep body cleansing is when accompanied with exercise. The body is like a sponge, it absorbs things but it also has the possibility to release them through movement. Start exercising today for 1 hr only and set a goal to do this three times a week. Then let me know in a week how you feel.

To Let Go is the only thing possible you can do with toxins at all levels: emotional, physical, chemical, intellectual. You have to Exercise at all levels: express love and happiness, read a book you like, move, dance, run, bike, hike, eat well, sleep as much as you need. Share with friends things you like. You can do it! As I always say to my clients: "If you don't have the time for what is good for you and make you happy, then you are doing something wrong. You cannot have time only for what you don't enjoy. Think about it!"

For more information about toxins and detox, you can also browse my YouTube videos, check out a book, attend a Webinar for Online education, Cooking Classes, Yoga Classes, Consultation, Health Programs and Therapies. These are just a few ways you can start learning how to not be afraid of what you don't know.

BE HAPPY! Health makes a big part of it!




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